Landscape Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 3

Today’s photo tip may be the third and last inside our review of landscape photography pointers. If you combine this one using the last two, you WILL be light years in front of your local photo competition!
I challenge that you try USING these landscape photography strategies last week, and prove me wrong!
This article (like the last two) is often a writeup on landscape photography strategies I’ve covered before. Have you wondered why I’m going over previously tread ground? There are several reasons.
First – I wanted to own these landscape photography pointers listed together to help you more easily make a checklist. I hope you must have done that, in the excitement with the moment, it is easy to forget important and rather obvious techniques.
I’m reminded of the caution I once heard… If you’re planning to fly somewhere in the airplane – could you rather hear how the wings were designed by an engineer who remembered the mathematical stress formulas – or one who looked them up!
Second – It’s good to check every once in awhile because statistically, only about 15% (or fewer) people will read any particular article I write. So actually, that is new material for 85% individuals!
Third – I keep repeating everything because… There is often a story of a preacher – he wasn’t a lively speaker, but he did OK. One Sunday he did a fire and brimstone sermon that got lots of favorable comments through the parishioners since they left the church.
The next Sunday, he did exactly the same sermon! Word for word!
This drew some quizzical looks, but no one mentioned it to him.
The next Sunday he did the identical sermon – sentence after sentence – again! And tempe landscape design with the next!
Finally, thinking he was losing his mind, someone asked him if he was conscious that he was doing exactly the same sermon repeatedly.
He said that he was comfortable with what he was doing, and he intended to keep doing exactly the same sermon until his parishioners started pursuing the advice!
How can I dispute that!
Enough said – allow me to share today’s landscape photography tips:

Use photo filters!
Photoshop can do remarkable things, but you’ll find limitations. Stop trying to “fix” it in Photoshop. Get it right within the camera and rehearse PS to perform some minor tweaks.
First, be sure you possess a circular polarizing filter for each and every of your lenses. This eliminates glare and polarizes light. What this means is you will get much more intense and saturated colors – and also the clouds inside the sky will “POP”.
Next have a very number of neutral density filters. At least have ones that will give you 1, 2 and 3 extra stops. More if you possibly could afford them. There are tons of uses of them, but getting that silky – cotton candy effect in flowing rivers and waterfalls is the most common. You WILL want to complete this – prepare yourself.
Finally give a couple graduated neutral density filters. This will help together with your sunrise and sunset photos the place that the ground as well as the sky have dramatically different light levels.
Consider getting some colored graduated filters too! I recommend a minimum of using a “tobacco” colored one. It could be the most favored to include or intensify sunset colors.
When you are shooting, don’t forget to change and search behind you! Sometimes we get so intensely centered on what we are seeing, we totally miss shots which are better yet!
Try finding a beautiful foreground element (or a person) and perform a silhouette. They can be very striking and just about everyone likes them. Be careful that you just keep the shape simple and easy it doesn’t blend online websites. It has to immediately “read”! If your viewer must attempt to evaluate which your silhouette is, you might have failed.
Lastly, consider time lapse and HDR. Will the scene in front people lend themselves to the telltale techniques?
I’m sure I’ve missed a few landscape photography strategies in case you are taking the methods in this and my last two articles, combine them into a laminated checklist, and FOLLOW it… You WILL start winning photo contests.

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