Enter the Dragon – Review of Famous Martial Arts Movies

“Enter the Dragon” is the final released movie of Bruce Lee before his tragic death. Bruce Lee is recognized worldwide because the ultimate exponent from the ancient Oriental art of self-defense, which has been a combination from the best techniques from Karate, Judo, Hapkido, Tai-Chih and Kung-Fu.
Bruce Lee suffered a tragic, untimely and mysterious death on July 20th, only a few days after he finished “Enter the Dragon”. He had completed almost 6 movies determined by fighting techinques before his death. “Enter the Dragon” was co-produced by Warner Bros. in addition to Raymond Chow from China. Fred Weintraub and Paul Heller were the producers for Warner Bros. “Enter the Dragon” was directed by Robert Clouse and Michael Allin was responsible for the screenplay. The cast included Bruce Lee Williams, John Saxon Williams, Jim Kelly Han, Shih Kien Oharra, Bob Wall Tania, Ahna Capri Su-Lin and Peter Archer and others.
The movie is often a vast display of Oriental heritage and culture, as most of the movie was shot within the Orient. This 98 minute classic was filled with masters engaging against the other person within the display of the violent art form. “Enter the Dragon” portrays Lee being a top-of-the-notch secret agent as well as a former expert in mixed fighting techinques. He is due to the job of taking part on a bloody fighting styles competition to be able to investigate the alleged criminal activities being continued from the host of this brutal tournament (Shih Kien).
Nothing is surprising concerning the movie even as we are habituated to see Bruce Lee playing the role in the ultimate savior. However, if we look from your Oriental art of combat standpoint, there is certainly enough excitement and surprise to lure the martial-arts-frenzy-audience. Lee is as usual brilliant in their performance. Adult Manga have a look at his style and you may realize why he is still considered as the God of fighting styles. John Saxon Williams, who plays the role of an American participant, is amazingly subtle if this came to pulling-off surprising stunts.

The rest from the cast was brilliant and played their part with aplomb to make this movie a huge success. Special mention needs to be made from Jim Kelly, another American taking part within the competition organized by Shih Kien. He delivers a power-packed performance especially inside scene where is fights for the end against Lee. Bob Wall and Yang Sze provide good support inside their roles as masters of the art. Ahna Capri and Betty Chung are good in their small roles while Angela Mao Ying displays her Hapkido skills when she confronts several Kien’s henchmen.
Michael Allin’s script was justified by Robert Clouse with his fantastic amazing directional skills. The result was an amazingly fast-paced action flick that was quite rare during the 70s.
Gilbert Hubbs’ photographic brilliance is exciting as is James Wong Sun’s art direction. Lalo Schifrin’s unique background score is an important aspect in the film.

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