The best way to Disable Startup Programs within Microsoft Windows 7

Do you care giving your Microsoft Windows 7 PC a boost in terms of performance and speed? Despite that Microsoft Windows seven has been designed for more quickly boot time and higher performance, it might not live up to your expectations because of numerous reasons. bulk windows 10 keys are one among the reasons that impact Microsoft Windows 7’s velocity. These affiliate programs automatically load themselves whenever you start the computer of yours. Not necessarily that you are going to need all these programs to work the computer of yours. So, you can disable them easily. This Microsoft Windows seven support tutorial describes just how you are able to disable programs on startup to perk up your Windows seven computer’s speed in addition to functioning.

Step 1

Click the Start button and point to Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, click Security and System and then navigate to Administrative Tools, System Configuration. If prompted, enter your admin password and click the Continue button. Alternatively, you can just click the Start switch and type’ msconfig’ (with no quotes) in the Start Search box. Do not hit the Enter look and key in the search results.

Step 2

You are going to see the msconfig.exe file. Right-click the file and select Run as administrator. If prompted, class your admin password and click the Continue button. When in the device Configuration window, click the Startup tab. you are going to see all of the programs that load up on auto-pilot whenever your start your Microsoft Windows 7 computer. Uncheck the box beside a software program that you would like to disable. For instance, you are able to disable Windows Live Messenger since you need not cost it as a startup program.

Step 3

Repeat this procedure for various other programs that you desire to disable from instantly loading at the startup. When completed, just click the Apply button then OK to implement the changes. When prompted, click the Restart switch to restart your laptop. You will now see your Windows seven pc booting incredibly faster. If any time you’d like to switch on a system again, perform the device Configuration window. And throw a check mark within the box beside the desired program.

Step 4

Do not forget to click the Apply and then OK button to preserve the adjustments and exit the window. Restart the computer later. When you don’t notice a significant difference in the speed or even performance, disable all the startup programs. Go back to the system Configuration window and reach the Disable All switch. When prompted, verify the adventure and restart the laptop of yours.

Step 5

If your Microsoft Windows 7 computer came pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Defender, you are able to use it to disable startup shows. Click the Start button and issue to All Programs> Windows Defender. In the Windows Defender dialog box, click the Tools tab and select Software Explorer. Click Startup Programs under Category and also you are going to see all of the startup programs. Select a program(s) then just click the Disable button. If prompted, click the Yes button to confirm the action. Repeat the action for some other preferred channels too.

Additional Tips:

Another method of disabling a startup program in Microsoft Windows 7 is by scheduling a task in the Windows Task Scheduler. You can additionally change the registry entries in Windows Registry Editor to prevent certain applications from running at the startup. In case you face difficulty disabling or re enabling programs, contact Microsoft tech support team.

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