Short Story: The Truth About Handmade Male’s Bracelets

The story of the men’s bracelet is enchanting and intriguing and it’s well worth knowing how these designed over the millennia.

There is no definitive record of whether it was a woman which initially sported jewelry and so inspired male, her lesser half, to adorn himself, or even whether it was the other way around. In any event, the story of a man using bracelets extends back to 5000 years BC when he began by stringing together shells, stones, and bone links. Possibly the idea wasn’t about style and class but as a safeguard against evil spirits and as a form of identification of belonging to some tribe.

Man progressed to the Bronze Age and bracelets for males came into their very own with none other than the venerable King Tutankhamen sporting finely crafted bracelets as a symbol of his ability. One could deduce that nobles and also suit was followed by commoners and kept jewellers busy. Fast forward to the middle Ages when nobles kept their arms covered and the bracelet wasn’t in favor. Nevertheless, in far off India, Guru Go bind Singh developed Sikhism and also enjoined men to wear a cJump to the 1900s and we find men building a penchant for handmade male’s bracelets. Usa soldiers have released wrist tags during WWII and these were to become fashionable in the following years as soldiers, in the aftermath of the war, took on numerous projects while holding onto their metal IDs. To not remain behind the nautical fraternity developed their own adaptations in the form of Turk’s bead knots. The rise of flower power in the’ 60s coincided with the fondness for earthy materials for use in bracelets that are handmade for males. Bracelets carried on in recognition and some individuals got onto the train, promoting bracelets. Rockstars got into the action plus fuelled the demand for male’s bracelets which became as creatively authentic as the creator may design them. Demand increased leading to mass produced bracelets for males but a band of innovative artists kept alive the art of making bracelets manually using traditional metals.

An excellent artist developed the concept of twisting metal wires into various models and shapes and then beating the product with a hammer. The effect is a cuff which can, based on the notion of the viewer, look like a barbed wire cuff, a DNA helix or maybe razor wire in a loving and lengthy process where each piece is different. Designers research by using regular silver and gold together with a lot more amazing rare earth metals as niobium. Made to order, such handmade necklaces are for discerning males that treasure the understated overall look of sophisticated elegance. A few jewelry designers found the niche of theirs in casting as well as molding or perhaps cutting, machining and bending of alloy as well as using beads and leather in handmade cuffs for men. Nevertheless, these types are usually on target at all those that would like to standout and pull in a strong design statement whereas handcrafted metal cuffs typify solidity. Currently it’s feasible wear a laser beam to cut, engrave as well as etch metals and plastics as well as create designs that are unique but practically nothing matches the classic appeal of traditional tools and strategies to craft jewelry for men.
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