several Simple Steps to Finding Microsoft Workplace Specialist (MOS) Certification For Microsoft Business 2003

Microsoft now offers 2 present variations of the renowned Microsoft Office Certification. They are the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and also the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). The model of the certification, a person must get, depends on the edition of Microsoft Office using and would like to certify on. This article is going to focus on the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) accreditation is for individuals who use and wish to certify on Microsoft Office 2003 solutions. You can find 7 possible MOS exams available to you. From the seven possible exams there are two possible titles, or designations, a person taking MOS exams are able to earn. The designations are Microsoft Office Specialist and / or Master Microsoft Office Specialist. The credential you make depends on which of the 7 exams you take and how most exams you take. The 7 available exams are:

Word 2003 Core
Word 2003 Expert
Excel 2003 Core
Excel 2003 Expert
PowerPoint 2003 Core
Outlook 2003 Core
Access 2003 Core If you receive some one of the above examinations you become a Microsoft Office Specialist in that product or service. And so, in case you pass the Microsoft Word 2003 Expert exam you’ll be mailed a certificate, from Microsoft, and that states that you are a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word 2003 Expert. By using the Outlook Core exam you will be mailed a certificate which states that you are a Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook 2003 Core. After passing any one of the above exams you’re certified as a “Microsoft Office Specialist” and you can at that moment employ the MOS designation after the name of yours, along with the MOS logo on business cards, resumes, and others.

When you pass 4 specific MOS exams you will earn the Master Microsoft Office Specialist certification or designation. The required examinations for Master MOS health are:

Word 2003 Expert
Excel 2003 Expert
PowerPoint 2003 Core
Outlook 2003 Core or Access 2003 Core (you only need to pass 1 of the 2) When you pass the above four required exams, Microsoft will mail you a certificate which says Master Microsoft Office Specialist. This certificate will in addition say which of the four required exams you passed. If you’ve decided this’s the certification for you as you use Microsoft Office 2003 and want to validate the skills of yours you need to do the following measures.
Step You are Training – Through instruction, you will learn the 2003 uses and also the abilities you will be tested on. When looking for education search for program which starts off together with the application program basic principles and in addition addresses the sophisticated topics as well. The tests are tough, so you want to ensure that the training you select is extensive and it spreads over the exam objectives. You ought to look for training which consists of hands on activities also. All Specialist exams are hands-on exams. When taking the tests, there are questions that appear on the bottom part of the webpage. The software you are testing on will open on the top part of the screen and you will have to “do” the required tasks to answer the questions. The exams are timed. Each test is 50 minutes, so you wish to be certain you’re quick at doing each exam objective. Training which includes hands-on practice is going to help you learn and keep the info.

Step 2 is Practice Exams – Several vendors offer Microsoft Office Specialist practice exams. exams mimic the test environment. It allows you to turn into accustomed to the kinds of questions they will ask you, the way the inquiries are worded, the anticipated answers, and it is a wonderful way to improve your skills before taking the actual test.

Step 3 is Real Exam The assessments are only administered through genuine Certiport Testing centers. You have to go to an actual location to grab the test. You are able to look for a testing center online, through Certiports website, and then get in touch with the testing facility to schedule and purchase the test. Beware, Microsoft doesn’t provide there Office 2003 exams online. You must navigate to the actual physical testing area and pass the certification exam to end up being “certified.”

Good luck!

Suzanne Alexander, M. Ed. is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Master Microsoft Office Specialist Instructor.

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