Range Knowing Tips – The Skills of Note-Taking

Note-taking, in its broadest sense, is done to produce a ‘summary’ of the text and its significance, and for that reason combines the skills of reading, listening or picturing with the capability to write a summary. Many distance discovering courses have actually composed, spoken, audio and visual elements, and you might find it helpful to make notes on them.

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Faking good notes from text requires a comprehensive understanding of the text and its significance in relation to (a) particular task( s) or question( s). In other words, you are bearing in mind for a function – which you should always keep in mind.
In note-taking on the spoken component, for example in face-to-face or telephone tutorials, it is essential to record the ideas, suggestions and options raised by your tutor and other trainees.
Some courses (specifically language courses) have audio programs on CD-ROMs. You might be directed to do a particular job based on the spoken text, and this would certainly require you to make notes about what you hear.
Many courses have supporting video programs. Again, you might be set particular tasks based upon the video, and you would gain from making notes on what you see and understand.
Let’s take appearance at each of these parts in turn, beginning with the written element, which will be the most typical type on which you will have to make notes. We then rely on notes on the spoken component (most likely the most challenging scenario in which to keep in mind), and lastly deal with the audio and visual elements together.

Annotating your text

Highlight the primary points only (though there can be worth in highlighting crucial supporting words in a different color). If you highlight too much, when you look back at your work everything will appear important and you will have to read it all once again.

Highlighting, you might also like to make annotations and notes in the margin to assist you to identify relationships, and locate and sum up information. There is no proposed method for annotating your text; it depends on the text, your understanding of it and your own particular techniques.

Here are some suggestions that might be useful to you for highlighting and annotating your texts.

Check out the whole paragraph or area prior to you start highlighting and annotating.
Select the information relevant to the task or purpose. Highlight the important crucial expressions, sentences and facts.
Make annotations, comments and notes in the margins or anywhere on the page however make sure that you do not mess up the text.
Number the points and reasons that happen in a series in the text to help you to locate the info more quickly.
Usage point form or lists to write notes or comments in the margins as these sum up meanings plainly.
Numerous trainees may discover it beneficial to make notes in Chinese (the procedure of translation can make you comprehend much better).

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