My hubby Has Terminal Liver Disorder, and He Finally Got Their Public Stability Disability Approved

My husband used for social security disability 2 years back, for liver disease as well as its difficulties.

He immediately hired a lawyer to assist with the difficult paperwork involved. The attorney led him throughout the process, and then he waited to learn about his results. After several months or more of waiting, he was denied his disability.

He had to reapply for impairment, and also by this point he was in a deep depression, along with the disease progressing. Once more, the lawyer helped him through the following method and he waited for a hearing date before a disability judge. His issue was degenerating as he waited.

Another year went by, as well as our cash happen to be dwindling fast. My husband wound up in the medical facility with renal and liver failure several days before his hearing. He was stabilized at the hospital, plus he expected to be let out and so he could visit his disability hearing. The hospital discharged him on Saturday, additionally, on Monday he went to his hearing before a judge. He was suffering the results of encephalopathy, (which is swelling of the mind and disorientation), the day time on the hearing. He simply was not in the right mind of his. When Social Security Disability Judges Reviews went before the judge, the judge asked him questions, and he became very confused. The judge became angry with him as well as denied him disability.

We were livid! My husband was discriminated against!

A couple of days after the hearing, he went to a liver professional who then told us my husband was in fact, terminally ill with point 4 cirrhosis of the liver, and renal failure.

Our lawyer got a letter stating such, from the specialist, to the judge, but to no avail. The judge was being hateful and stubborn. He waited several months to purchase a psychological research done on my husband. Which had nothing to do with the terminal liver disease. A waste of money and time!

My husband went due to the test. He waited 3 additional months, and finally was given full disability.

If anyone deserves social security disability, individuals with terminal diseases ought to, directly!

It depends upon being discriminated against, getting judges who are not fair and balanced, and judges who take the authority of theirs too far!

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