Bath Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels are sheets of UPVC which are connected to the wall of a bathroom or perhaps shower. Shower wall panels are quite easy to apply than conventional ceramic bathroom tiles. Each panel is generally slotted together by the use of a tongue and groove structure, the tongue on one panel slides into the groove of the next panel etc, thus covering the wall structure and seeing to it a really quickly and installation which is simple.

Sometimes these wall panels might have for being sealed with a slim bead of silicone sealant within and along the joint, especially if a high pressure power shower should be used.

Shower wall panels are made in an enormous assortment of colors and styles, and these may include ;

o Wood grain: Marble Effect: Mosaic Effect, or even just plain colours.

These wall sections can typically be complimented with waterproof ceiling panels to make that extra finished touch.

Installing UPVC sections in a bathroom is able to draw some rewards which standard ceramic bathroom tiles do not have and several of these may include;

o They are easy and quick to install
o They have a wipe over surface
o UPVC panels have a very long life and can look good for numerous years
o They have no grout to go mouldy

UPVC shower panels are available in a selection of different sizes, and sections of more length are generally readily available when panelled ceilings are required.

Some common standard sizes are able to include;

o 250mm x 2.7m
o 250mm x 2.6m
o 333mm x 2.7m
o 100mm x 2.6m
o 250mm x 3.0m
o 250 x 2.6m

Installation methods are generally really simple, although batons as well as stud efforts is often chosen for preparation requirements, the sections can be fixed right away onto plaster, block, brick, and can sometimes be remedied over the latest ceramic tiles. Most installers like sticking the panels directly to the wall with some sort of panel adhesive, and as this particular adhesive is quite solid it could be used to carry out uneven parts of the wall structure.

The panels can certainly be stapled providing the wall space are appropriate, and the staples can’t be viewed as each successive panel covers the stapled fixing. This’s an extremely easy and quick approach of fixing the sections to the wall, and also allows the panels being taken off easily and quickly.

Where extremely irregular walls are came across, batons may fixed with the wall as well as the shower coverings, then fixed for the batons either with a staple gun or perhaps the correct adhesive.

Shower wall panels are quickly gaining ground and recognition in the DIY manufacturing, for there hygienic, and ease of use attributes, and also are an advantage to any bathroom.

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